Executive Board openings offer opportunity

If you are feeling the need to lead, there may be no better time than now to step forward. Seven positions on the FSUTA Executive Board will be for the taking in our April election, so now is the time to decide whether you want to step forward and become a candidate.

Each opening on the Executive Board carries a two-year term. The positions are treasurer, corresponding secretary, recording secretary and four Members at Large. Nominations open March 2 at the Site Representative Council meeting and will close April 6 at the Site Representative Council meeting. 

Request a Declaration of Candidacy form by email at fsutaoffice@gmail.com.

Mark your calendar for CTA conferences

NEW EDUCATOR / Feb. 21-23 / Marriott Hotel, Santa Clara – Sessions for educators in their first three years of teaching will address areas such as classroom management, the new state standards, assessments, navigating IEPs and special education CTA resources.

EQUITY & HUMAN RIGHTS / Feb. 28-March 1 / Marriott Hotel, Irvine – The conference will capture the essence of CTA’s Mission Statement to ensure the dignity and civil rights of all youth are protected and secure a more equitable, democratic society.

CTA/NEA-RETIRED / Feb. 28-March 1 / Marriott Hotel, Irvine – Whether you are retired or considering retirement in the next few years, you will benefit from attending this 16th annual conference.

Register for conferences at www.CTAGo.org.