Goodbye tension, hello pension for retirees

Did you hear Kathy Wiegand is retiring? Apparently the person who is responsible for producing Home Room did not because the Anna Kyle teacher and former member of our Executive Board was left off the list of retiring teachers in the May edition of Home Room.

Linda Forsell

Kathy is retiring along with Darryl Adams (Rodriguez), Greg Aldridge (Nelda Mundy), Deanna Alloway (Anna Kyle), David Brown (Cleo Gordon), Georgia Cerda (Armijo), Carla Colbert (Grange), May Cranford (Fairfield High), Oneta Edmonds (Armijo), Linda Forsell (Fairfield High), Linda Huff (David Weir), Patricia Kino (H. Glenn Richardson), Lynne Lee (Armijo), Patty Leiferman (K.I. Jones), Michael Levy (Sheldon), Nancy Martinez (David Weir), Elizabeth Osburn (Cleo Gordon), Kathy Orr (Anna Kyle), Colette Renville (K.I. Jones), Kim Ron (Nelda Mundy), Ann Story (Nelda Mundy) and Eileen Witt-Albedi (David Weir).

Call on Congress to rescue school funding

California is facing a $54 billion budget deficit, including $19 billion in cuts to public education that threaten vital services for students and our communities. The shortfall accounts for 37 percent of the budget and comes a time when schools are clamoring for money as they face a new social distancing reality.

Join CTA in calling on Congress to pass the $1 trillion HEROES Act to stabilize education funding. Call 855-977-1770 to speak with your congressional representative. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. And share the number on your social media.