Responsibilities and timelines through April 17

Having fun yet! Seriously, FSUTA and management are making efforts to communicate with each other first before any information is sent out to you. This has not always worked, but the effort is evident this time.

Click on the link below for a chart that is my understanding of your work responsibilities as established by management . I asked management to review it and ensure it is accurate before sending it to you. Please remember that this is all subject to change as events unfold and more information learned.

  • Responsibilities and timelines (PDF format)
  • Election for seven Executive Board positions

    If you are feeling the need to lead, there may be no better time than now to step forward. Seven positions on the FSUTA Executive Board will be for the taking in our May election, so now is the time to decide whether you are step forward and became a candidate.

    Each of the Executive Board openings carries a two-year term. The positions are treasurer, corresponding secretary, recording secretary and four Members at Large. The deadline to submit a Declaration of Candidacy is 5 p.m. April 6, and forms will be accepted at the Site Representative Council meeting that day. You can download a form on the link below or request one by emailing fsutaoffice@gmail.com.

  • Declaration of Candidacy (PDF format)